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  1. The Future of Luxury Hospitality

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    The future of the luxury hospitality industry was unknown during the pandemic, guests were unable and some unwilling to travel, which hit the industry hard. As predicted by McKinsey & Company, the recovery for luxury hospitality from 2020 has taken 3 years, leading to substantial shifts in the post-pandemic era for luxury hotels. 

    Luxury hospitality is supported by consumers’ desire for the hotels’ lavish and unique experiences which other brands cannot convey. Nevertheless, since the pandemic, economic and cultural influences affected consumer attitudes and spending priorities towards travel. The economic threat and the shift in guest preferences for pricier travel accommodations led to the niche market to do extensive research and invest heavily in ensuring guests return. To combat the decline in the luxury hospitality industry, hotels now offer excessive service as well as a number of programmes and membership cards to attract new customers and retain their current guests.  

    So what is the future of luxury hospitality? It is predicted that the global market for luxury hotels will reach a soaring $222,900 million in 2024 according to and on the report of Future Market Insights (FMI) the US market alone is projected to reach US $160,481.2 million in 2032.

    From this predicted market growth, luxury hotels are inevitably expected to rise as a result of emerging new technology for hotels and prosperous individuals seeking out to explore and experience luxury hospitality. The new technology such as smart bathrooms attract the ever-growing wealthy population which will lead the industry to promote market expansion.

    To ensure you are a luxury hospitality brand which is capitalising on the success of the current market for luxury hotels, Zoo Communications has highlighted trends in our past blog, read how your hotel can stay relevant and deliver the service guests now desire.

    Working solely with luxury hotels Zoo has developed key industry knowledge, get in touch with us by calling 0208 541 0800 or email

  2. Trends in the Luxury Hotel Industry

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    The hospitality sector has seen unprecedented disruption in the last few years and the industry is changing a lot. Understanding the latest trends in the luxury hotel industry and adapting to them is crucial for continued success. Consumer expectations are very different in a luxury establishment and as their priorities evolve, hotel businesses must keep pace to ensure that people receive the level of service they expect. These are some of the key trends in the luxury hotel industry that you must be aware of.

    A Higher Bar For Service and Experience

    Customers have always expected a high level of customer service and exclusive experiences when they stay in luxury hotels. However, this is becoming more pronounced. Other areas of the industry are moving towards budget options and platforms like AirBnB have increased the popularity of self-catering options. Ultimately, this means that consumers receive a much lower level of service.

    Luxury hotels must distance themselves from this dilution of service by going above and beyond to meet consumer expectations. Guests in luxury hotels expect experiences and amenities that cannot be matched by other hotels, and the baseline for the level of service they expect is higher than it has ever been before.

    Advanced Hotel Apps

    Hotel apps can drastically improve the guest experience. They act as a communication tool giving instant access to information about the hotel. Guests can also use them to book appointments at hotel facilities and make requests. An advanced hotel app facilitates and streamlines everything that the hotel has to offer so guests have everything at their fingertips. You can also use it as a marketing tool to encourage repeat bookings. These apps are becoming popular throughout the industry and people come to expect them as standard.

    Zoo communications has previously worked on hotel apps like the Dorchester, helping them modernise their operation and deliver a better experience to guests. 

    Increased Personalisation

    When visiting a luxury hotel, people expect to feel that they are a priority. Personalised services are one of the biggest trends in the luxury hotel industry for this reason. Simple changes that create a personal experience leave guests with a lasting memory of their stay. This could be as basic as letting people choose the contents of their minbar before they arrive and leaving small gifts based on their preferences. Collecting information about guests and using it to personalise their experience is vital when creating a high-end experience.

    Your business must keep up with these trends if you are to satisfy the expectations of your customers. At Zoo Communications, we can help you implement the necessary changes to ensure that your luxury hotel stays relevant and continues to deliver the service that guests expect.

  3. Branding For Luxury Hotels: Ocean Club St Barts

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    ZOO provides branding for luxury hotels, assisting exclusive establishments such as Ocean Club St Barths in constructing a clear message that speaks to their unique, high-end clientele.

    Ocean Club St Barths is an exclusive members club, offering a range of amenities and services to their clients. During their stay on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Barths, guests have access to a full concierge service that takes care of all of their needs from restaurant reservations to private jets, yacht charters, and spa treatments. The membership also gives access to fine dining restaurants, world class art displays, and private areas available for events and functions.

    St Barths is the ultimate Caribbean yachting island destination and many of the world’s wealthiest individuals use this as a winter base for their yachts. As such, Ocean Club St Barths caters exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth clients and the right branding for luxury hotels is needed to demonstrate that the facilities live up to their incredibly high standards.

    ZOO worked with Ocean Club to develop a brand story that perfectly encapsulates the high level of service clients can expect to receive. With our help, Ocean Club St Barths was able to connect with more potential clients and build relationships with them. Ultimately, this allowed them to increase memberships and expand their business. 

    Our branding for luxury hotels relies on a multi platform approach, leveraging the skills of our brand strategists, digital experts, and creatives to deliver a clear message. They bring together print, video, and digital marketing to tell a strong brand story of a membership club that caters to a very small niche, who have come to expect a level of quality rarely found elsewhere. When Ocean Club St Barths opens, they will have a long list of new members waiting to sign up.

    At ZOO, we have over 20 years of experience providing marketing services and branding for luxury hotels. Get in touch today if you want to create a new brand story and transform your hospitality business.