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  1. How Hospitality venues can capitalise on 2020 Industry trends to help increase MICE bookings

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    Hotel GM’s and Sales Teams can help increase MICE bookings by capitalising on 5 key growth opportunities drawn from PWC’s UK Hotels Forecast 2020 industry report.

    With corporate demand for hotel conference venues and meeting space this year predicted to remain soft, it remains critical that venues ensure their hospitality marketing strategies across SEO, content, social media and customer insight are working effectively and delivering solid value.

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    The pursuing of a more personalised and technology-based customer offer will be key to outperforming the competition. It will also help increase the attraction potential from Millennial business customers. 2020 trends further indicate that conferences are going to get smaller and become far more customised. The pressure of high new room supply continues to cause a challenge for hotel GM’s. In London alone, 65 new hotels with 8,000 rooms will open their doors this year.

    1. Improve The Sophistication Of Your Technology Offer.

    The key trend to consider when planning your marketing strategies to increase MICE bookings is embracing a more sophisticated Technology offer. There is a growing demand for 5G-enabled live conference event streaming, holograms and Augmented Reality (AR). 5G technology removes the pressure for venues to maintain their WIFI supply at a constant high bandwidth. It also presents an extended revenue opportunity, as it means conference venue and meeting room locations on site can become far more innovative, creative and personalised.

    The introduction of increased Automation and Digitisation of guest services will help dispense with classic business user pain points such as the drudge of the check-in/out process. Whilst connecting with an AI-programmed chatbot or downloading a digital App to enhance their user experience won’t be for everyone, not servicing users who prefer a seamless, time-efficient experience will result in corporate event planners and event organisers potentially crossing off your venue from their conference shortlist, in favour of other hotels who can.

    2. Upgrade To A More Personalised Customer Experience.

    Delegates increasingly expect a more customised experience tailored specifically to their needs and wants. Many corporate customers recognise that the outcome value of a superb conference and meeting experience in terms of productivity, personalisation and relationship-building can be worth more than the event cost. Taking advantage of profile-based loyalty schemes will ensure you really know your customer inside out and thereby deliver a tailor-made package with exclusive offers, that resonate and amplify. Loyalty schemes offer additional opportunities to upsell.

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    3. Meet the Experiential Expectations of Millennial Business Customers

    Millennials demand a highly personalised and interactive customer experience. High speed Wifi is assumed, however offering complimentary gym access, discounted Spa treatments or free late check-out for late-evening arrivals could make a favourable impression that may be amplified through social media touchpoints. 71% of Millennials make their travel plans via an App. Offering frictionless digital-only access including for example, curated local entertainment recommendations and rewards incentives will help millennial event planners favour the selection of your venue over another that uses a traditional website booking system.

    4. Get Creative With Your Meeting Space Offer

    Events professionals are continually seeking new and innovative meeting room and event spaces, particularly those that foster an informal and sociable team or relationship-building environment. Think about how you can increase MICE bookings with the provision of creative and alternative meeting room space, facilitating the growing demand for highly productive, bite-sized content sessions. Your indoor and outdoor environments – be it rooftop, relaxing Spa or verdant green space all have the potential to host an engaged and inspired, targeted audience.

    5. Are You Highlighting Your Venue’s Environmental, Sustainability And CSR Values?

    A focus on ensuring your venue and corporate event offer projects the right Sustainability and CSR credentials will enhance your selection potential by those businesses who want to be seen to take their sustainability values seriously.

    If you’re looking to review or develop your hospitality marketing strategy, do get in touch with us.

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    Take advantage of our proven marketing know-how to help boost your hotel and conference venue’s MICE bookings. We tailor our approach to the individual needs of each client and focus on building long-term relationships, understanding your objectives and target customers before implementing the right strategies that get results.

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