Simon Veale

Managing Director. With extensive marketing experience in the corporate sector helping clients orchestrate creative experiences that change behaviour and drive growth, whilst never losing sight of the creative skills we value so much. Key responsibilities are to write the ‘plan’ and have overall responsibility for its delivery in a timely, fiscally accurate, and objective busting manner.

Jason Coleman

Creative Director. Has a wealth of creative experience spanning 25 years. As Creative Director, covering all aspects of the communication cycle, he is responsible for the creative output from client brief to job completion.

Joel Rush

Digital Director, AsOne Design. With over 20 years’ experience in the digital sector, Joel has witnessed first-hand how advances in technology and the internet have shaped our lives and helped to shape the futures of hundreds of companies along the way. Having consulted and led development on highly complex and data sensitive solutions, Joel has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of technologies, tools, software and platforms. A background in fine arts, photography, design and programming Joel holds a keen visual and technical awareness with deep understanding of the production and fulfilment lifecycle of digital solutions, marketing campaigns and application development.