Trends in the Luxury Hotel Industry

The hospitality sector has seen unprecedented disruption in the last few years and the industry is changing a lot. Understanding the latest trends in the luxury hotel industry and adapting to them is crucial for continued success. Consumer expectations are very different in a luxury establishment and as their priorities evolve, hotel businesses must keep pace to ensure that people receive the level of service they expect. These are some of the key trends in the luxury hotel industry that you must be aware of.

A Higher Bar For Service and Experience

Customers have always expected a high level of customer service and exclusive experiences when they stay in luxury hotels. However, this is becoming more pronounced. Other areas of the industry are moving towards budget options and platforms like AirBnB have increased the popularity of self-catering options. Ultimately, this means that consumers receive a much lower level of service.

Luxury hotels must distance themselves from this dilution of service by going above and beyond to meet consumer expectations. Guests in luxury hotels expect experiences and amenities that cannot be matched by other hotels, and the baseline for the level of service they expect is higher than it has ever been before.

Advanced Hotel Apps

Hotel apps can drastically improve the guest experience. They act as a communication tool giving instant access to information about the hotel. Guests can also use them to book appointments at hotel facilities and make requests. An advanced hotel app facilitates and streamlines everything that the hotel has to offer so guests have everything at their fingertips. You can also use it as a marketing tool to encourage repeat bookings. These apps are becoming popular throughout the industry and people come to expect them as standard.

Zoo communications has previously worked on hotel apps like the Dorchester, helping them modernise their operation and deliver a better experience to guests. 

Increased Personalisation

When visiting a luxury hotel, people expect to feel that they are a priority. Personalised services are one of the biggest trends in the luxury hotel industry for this reason. Simple changes that create a personal experience leave guests with a lasting memory of their stay. This could be as basic as letting people choose the contents of their minbar before they arrive and leaving small gifts based on their preferences. Collecting information about guests and using it to personalise their experience is vital when creating a high-end experience.

Your business must keep up with these trends if you are to satisfy the expectations of your customers. At Zoo Communications, we can help you implement the necessary changes to ensure that your luxury hotel stays relevant and continues to deliver the service that guests expect.