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AFS Group is one of the UK’s leading independent funding providers.  They wanted to boost their search ranking, attract a greater influx of potential customers and outperform competitor results in organic Search share.   In practical terms this could only be achieved if the client’s complex website was fully optimised to drive more traffic. The site hosts three distinct businesses which are intertwined, yet separate.



The ZOO Solution:

SEO audit and action plan, Content Marketing programme



Analysis of the AFS website identified optimisation weaknesses that could severely impact the company’s discoverability and search visibility. With three businesses co-habiting under the AFS Group site,  there was the potential risk that organic search results could present duplicated content and confusing messages .

To compound this, in order for AFS to attract a niche pool of suitable Franchisees to consider signing up for their business model, it was critical that the site was premium positioned and achieve top search ranking.   We needed to boost their SEO which would enable us to drive the right traffic to the site.

A remedial large-scale SEO programme was put in place. This focused on issues such as correcting alt-texts in images and attributing the right selection of keywords to landing pages.

Creating a social media event calendar formed part of a more structured programme of content marketing focusing on social posts and a continuing series of monthly blogs. This activity has had a positive and clear impact on the quality and professionalism positioning of their channels.



  • Clicks were up +53% and Impressions up +161% in just six months.
  • The campaign delivered significant ranking increases and thereby impressions, focusing on the most converting relevant industry terms.


What this could mean for you


ZOO have a proven history of successfully optimising websites to achieve maximum success. With a combination of tried and tested techniques, industry-leading knowledge and ever-evolving tactics, we take time to understand and look at your business objectively.

Our team of experts love making complex things clear and simple for our clients, providing practical business advice that will lead to a more profitable organisation.



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