Drive Traffic and Boost Conversions – Financial

Credit Union client CLEVR Money wanted to increase sales in the highly competitive loans marketplace. Offering affordable loans and responsible savings products, they needed to drive more traffic to the site during seasonal events and boost conversions of users progressing to full application.


The ZOO Solution:

Customer journey reposition, content marketing campaign, paid marketing


ZOO’s prior successes working with financial services companies meant we were able to quickly identify key underperforming products and services on the their site. Without in-house marketing personnel, the client relies on us for guidance in a turbulent and intensely contested loans market.

marketing communications audit highlighted opportunities to improve the online positioning of several brands, maximising their appeal and suitability.  We introduced a situational based system to help customer journeys.  Reviewing their suite of loan types, ZOO identified a popular industry product (the ‘Family Loan’). The introduction of this new online offer was a key contributing factor to success.

In tandem with refreshing and repositioning the client’s product offer, ZOO focused on the campaign’s digital marketing elements to boost organic search results and enhance the discoverability of individual loan products.

Firstly, we instigated the creation, optimisation of monthly blogs within the client’s content marketing effort.

We also invigorated a programme of social content scheduling, activating targeted CTA’s across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to drive traffic. This was combined with a revolving suite of Facebook ads that synergised with the client’s marketing strategy. This mix of organic and paid-for digital activity  re-energised their customer base to browse the site and extend web sessions. Activity was further reinforced with the creation of a subscribers’ monthly E-shot, repurposing existing marketing content.




  • A record-breaking swell of loan applications and corresponding value paid out.
  • Blog content grew to become one of the most popular viewed web pages, backed with a significant rise in web sessions.
  • The client saw a phenomenal increase in traffic coming through social media and organic search critically rose 17%.
  • Our monthly E-shot hit the target, delivering an extremely responsive click-through rate of 16.7%, with a 21% open rate.


How ZOO can help you:


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