Increase traffic & improve Engagement – Legal

Our Family Law client wanted to increase their website traffic and improve user engagement levels.



The ZOO Solution:

SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and Social Media activity


ZOO’s principal strategy to increase website traffic, improve user engagement and referrals was to humanise the client’s legal services offering.

We needed to present their content and services in a more relatable way to the target market.


We commenced by researching and gaining a clear understanding from both current and  previous clients (and a wider audience) of client concerns, fears and desires.

We also analysed how users interacted with every digital property.


With this refreshed clarity, ZOO tailored the company’s site content to reposition their product offering.  Messaging was now situational and relevant to better connect with users, particularly new visitors.

Informal communications campaigns were conducted across social media channels focusing on human connections, emotions and personalities, thus further humanising the organisation.






  • +94% increase in overall site traffic
  • increased session duration of +12%.



These statistics demonstrated that the generated traffic boost was on target and that the site’s content improvements were delivering a significant upweight in dwell time.

Attracting and engaging with the right traffic is more important than simply pushing more traffic to your site, to ensure leads are converted.



How ZOO can help you:


Our creative, marketing and content experts have a wealth of experience in creating successful strategies for a wide range of sectors across B2B and B2C.

If you’re looking to grow your business and increase site traffic, generate more leads or boost your brand profile,  have a conversation with our team and learn how your enquiry can become our next success story.


Talk with us today, and let’s work together to elevate your brand ambitions into powerful business performance.

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