ZIGGY’S – Brand Development

ZOO is proud to have worked with Hotel Café Royal on Ziggy’s brand development and menu design as part of an integrated marketing campaign, rolling out the brand across all touch points including Laurent, a new Grill and Sushi Bar.

Let us set the scene: The year is 1973. David Bowie retires his dramatic alter ego Ziggy Stardust with a final gig at the Hammersmith Odeon. What follows is a legendary party at Café Royal, a favourite of Bowie’s where he often frequented the restaurants and cocktail bars. Evocative of the spirit and splendour of this night, Ziggy’s pays homage to the late great Bowie, 45 years on.

A London address like no other.

Owned by The Set Hotels, the Hotel Café Royal forms one of three outstanding addresses along with sister establishments  Conservatorium and Hotel Lutecia, located in the world’s most vibrant destinations.  We have been delighted to collaborate with each hotel across a wide range of brand and design creative.