Reactivate lapsed sellers – B2B Technology Marketing

ZOOtech is a B2B Marketing agency specialising in Technology and Cyber Security services, located in SW London. They are highly experienced channel experts who help vendors reconnect with their Reseller base. As every sales organisation knows, potential customers are more easily ‘farmed’ than ‘hunted’. Resellers who have previously been customers are more desirable to acquire than new resellers in terms of effort, and budget.




Despite the best efforts of a major UK IT distributor, a number of resellers had become disinterested in vendors who failed to show new initiatives or were perceived as having a tired product set. Resellers will always sell products that are fresh on their desktops or more widely publicised; legacy products and services that have had little recent marketing activity can drop off the Reseller radar.

The Zoo Solution


A ZOOtech B2B technology marketing campaign with a high-profile theme that engages with Resellers on a personal level, attracts them with interesting gifts and giveaways and offers rebates and discounts. This can be centred around an online platform with a login section and a background API, enabling the Distributor to monitor sales activity and reward participating Resellers.

Selected criteria could include either a percentage sales increase or achieving pre-set activity levels. Resellers are drawn to this portal through Social Media, Direct Mail, EDM and Telesales. Monthly reward reports keep Resellers engaged. All activity can be reported on through Marketing Automation tools.




  • Collection and validation of data
  • Ongoing reseller contact
  • Engagement with new resellers
  • Transparency
  • Increased click through rates
  • Reporting through MA platform


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